A few randoms

I caught wind of an interesting article this morning and I thought I would share it and give an update on the move at the same time.

We are posted to Oromocto, which is just outside of Fredericton, NB. It is not a long distance, thankfully, and so the move will be relatively short – but still will take 3 days altogether. Thank you for the tip, Leah – I will be sure to do so!

I have met with the moving company representative yesterday and he gave me a stack of homework to do. Bah! So for the next week or so I will be getting a list of serial numbers and determining what I am actually going to pack. Let me tell you – the latter list will not be very long! lol!

I *think* am done with all the phone calls I need to make to set this up, though I imagine something has been forgotten… Our new phone number is set up, I am taking care of forwarding the mail shortly, schools are taken care of… I honestly don’t know if there is anything missed.

Anyway, on to the interesting story. I thought this was too cool not to share.


Police hunt ‘The Midnight Knitter’ wool graffiti bandit
A guerilla knitter is gradually covering a New Jersey town in brightly coloured wool – and authorities have no clue who the rogue crafter is.

Guerilla knitter Pulling the wool: The guerilla knitter’s work on display in West Cape May’s Wilbraham Park

An unknown person or persons – dubbed ‘The Midnight Knitter’ by West Cape May residents – is covering tree branches and lamp poles with little sweaters under cover of darkness.

Mayor Pam Kaithern says police are looking into the knitted graffiti, which is technically against the law, as it is being done on public property without permission.

However, the mayor and many residents admit they’re delighted by the woolly rainbow of colours that has popped up.
Guerilla knitting Local resident Susan Longacre admires one of The Midnight Knitter’s knitted lamppost

‘We don’t know who it is. Technically, they shouldn’t be doing it. The police are asking about it, but it’s fun and it’s a mystery,’ Kaithern told local newspaper The Press of Atlantic City.

And she added that she’s not even that keen for police to get to the bottom of the affair. ‘Lets’ keep it a mystery,’ she said.

The knitter even has a website, a Facebook page and a MySpace, under the name of ‘Salty Knits’, where they describe themselves as ‘Knitters that got sick of knitting kitten mittens.’

The Facebook page is filled with overwhelmingly positive comments about the undercover needlework. One said: ‘Don’t give in to requests for you all to identify yourselves . . . just keep doing what you’re doing. Mystery is nice.’
Guerilla knitting Wrapped up warm: ‘Salty Knits’ strikes again

The rogue knitter is happy with the attention the woolwork has been getting – but is now concerned that the added attention may make it harder to carry out their work, saying on Facebook a few hours ago: ‘Today has been so crazy. Now we have to figure out how to put new tags up without being spotted!’

Guerilla knitting has been an increasingly widespread phenomenon over the past few years, with yarn enthusiasts taking to the streets of cities around the world to encase parts of them in wool.


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