Happy Friday!

Well I thought I had satisfied my hooking urges by finishing the sock monkey hat. Apparently that was not so.

When I posted some of my crochet photos on facebook, a friend mentioned I should make Sackboy. After looking up photos, I figured he would be easy to adapt at any rate. Lucky for me, I found a pattern immediately!

This pattern was super easy, and I think crocheting in rounds has finally “clicked” for me. When joining rounds, I find that there is a blank spot or what looks like a missed stitch. I knew it was simply a matter of time and I would get it. And woot, you can hardly tell where my rows are joined. I am very, very pleased.

I also cheated on the embroidery. One would think, with all the years I have been stitching, that I would be able to embroider simple things like eyes & mouths. Nope. Apparently this is akin to the french knot eyes of cross stitching. So I took the same approach. Sackboy has beads for eyes, and he looks marvelous!

I am really liking making these little things, and lo, there is even a special name for them (amigurumi), complete with a whole group of people who do nothing but make these little characters.

Things are moving along on the home front. I am busy today finishing things off my to-do list and packing things that we will be bringing ourselves. Monday the packers arrive and Tuesday they pick up our things. The girls are very excited about a couple nights (maybe three depending on how things go) in a hotel; not to mention almost a week of eating out. Oh, the joys of moving!

We did find out our fridge and stove have arrived, which is fantastic. We were not expecting those until well after we moved in, so this takes a load off of worry.

Hopefully the next week will be relatively stress free (I doubt it!), and I have packed The Guardian in anticipation of some free time. We shall see!

This is likely the last blog I will write before our move, so I will catch you on the flip side!


3 thoughts on “Sackboy

  1. Leslie

    Ohh, I love the Sackboy. Nathaniel loves watching us play that game and is now so dexterous he loads the game himself and guilts us into playing with his cute little smile:)

    Good luck with the move!!

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