This and that

Recently I have had an itch to do something like this:

As I have a fair amount of this teasing me:

But as the needles I have are limited, and the size I need is currently being used for this:

Which although is INSANELY BORING, I really should just get off my hiney and complete. But I have been procrastinating working on this:

And I’m getting frustrated by the colours I chose and I’m not able to just crochet mindlessly while watching this:

Add to that I read blogs like this:

Tale of a Shooting Star

Garden of Stitches

Giovanna’s Stitches

And I think maybe I should be doing this.


5 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Kathleen

    Wow, I really like that sweater. I do believe I have on that looks just like that!!!!

    And who can do anything while watching Glee???

    Your projects look nice… you are very crafty!!!

  2. Beatrice

    Lol What a busy girl you are.
    I love the sweater you have chosen!
    Keep stitching the Guardian is looking great!

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