Stuff having nothing to do with crafting

Our long weekend was just lovely, yet busy. We made several trips back and forth to Saint John, and we made some observations I thought I would dull your mind with.

– The highway between Fredericton and Saint John must be the most “parked alongside” highway in the world. Every few kilometers, another car was parked for one reason or another. Whether its someone is fishing, gone on an ATV through various trails, or just abandoned, apparently parking your car on the highway is perfectly acceptable for that stretch.

– Stopping along the highway, with towns around 1/2 hour apart, is perfectly acceptable, apparently, when one needs to do his business. It’s also acceptable, apparently, to do one’s business right at the highway instead of walking 5 feet in front of you to a bush. That scene was just pure class.

– It’s wild life season or something. Friday night we spotted a deer, a moose and a bear cub. Sunday, another bear cub. And we learned that it is perfectly safe to step out of your car to go see the bear cub 10 feet away. Because mama bear can’t possibly be anywhere near! Darwin would be pleased.

– Along with animals near the highway, there are several animals ON the highway at this time of year. Most notably, dead raccoons, porcupines and beaver. Pretty sure there is a restaurant or two along the stretch as well with some good eats these days.

– Purchasing a “Rich Dark Roast” coffee at a gas station is a bad idea. Because those making the “Rich Dark Roast” obviously think that is code for “concentrate”.

So there you go, now you know. I am sure some of this applies to other highways in the country, especially the coffee one, but I had to add it for posterity. This weekend we saw a huge difference of living inland vs on the coast on Sunday. When we left it was climbing up to a nice 30 C (about 85F). When we hit town, the fog rolled in and I’m pretty sure we could see our breath. Saint John is a lovely city, but I can’t say I miss it.

Saturday was a fun day for Kimber and me, as we went to a few greenhouses and stocked up for the flower beds I dug up earlier in the week. So now snap dragons, daisies, some other flowers I don’t remember, canna lilies, a climber of some type, some other annuals that start with an “a” and more snap dragons grace the beds. No marigolds or geraniums or pansies, thank you very much. I am not a huge fan, and so the colours have come from elsewhere. A few weeks from now once they have settled into the beds and have (hopefully) survived, I will get some photos for you.

And so that was our long weekend. How was yours?


One thought on “Stuff having nothing to do with crafting

  1. Ann Mc Donald

    Hey Christine,
    When I was in NB many years ago…I did see a bear loping along the side of the highway..and the girl at the information kiosk did warn us that the worst drivers are old men in hats.. just so you know!
    PS… the cat has been grounded! but yesterday she fell out of, or pushed the screen out of the upstairs window and fell onto the little roof over the garage doors…I looked pretty silly hanging out of the window with Dan hanging onto my feet, plucking her in off the roof…all I got was a scratch on my arm for my trouble. We do love our pets.


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