More ramblings

Not much to discuss today but it’s raining outside so I may as well blog.

First, some of my pretties:

It has been raining these last few days and my flowers are loving it. And after the hot spell we have had here, I admit, the break from the daily watering is nice.

So I have taken a break from the BORING poncho (surprise surprise) and started a new knitting project. I decided to knit a baby blanket and it calls for circular needles. This is the first time I have used those, and it’s taking some getting used to. But as Karma would have it, the first three inches are done in a garter stitch*, which is exactly what I’m doing with the poncho. So you can imagine how fast that is going.

*A note on Garter Stitch – I realize that for seasoned knitters, that to say “knit” can mean knit one row, then purl the next. I am not a seasoned knitter. Would it not be easier to say knit each row for 3″? I have had to twice now look up what a garter stitch is before I even start. Because my memory is seriously lacking these days. (I’ve taken to writing it on the pattern now, since I will likely forget by the time I sit down to do this again.)

Anyway. Boring knitting aside, I have had a hankering to do a quick stitching small. The urge was so strong the other day, that I tore apart what I thought was my only box of stitching supplies to find a nice little kitted piece or pattern. I know I have them. But they were not in that box. And since my urge to unpack the remaining boxes in my home is as strong as knitting nothing but garter stitches, I still haven’t found my smalls.

And so that’s what has been happening here. I know, exciting, but so is my life! šŸ˜€


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