An update

Good morning, everyone. Just thought I would pop in and say hello. I know, it was a great tease earlier this month with two blogs in two days; I would be remiss if I didn’t blog at least one more time this month.

Not much has been going on here, it is summer, and all that entails. School is out next week and I am looking forward to saying “Goodbye” to Scott on his way to work and going back to bed! (haha! Is that bad?).

And because it’s summer, it means more flowers are blooming, so some gratuitous flower shots:

We finally have gotten a working barbecue and last night celebrated by throwing on some nice sirloins. It was glorious! I will be saying goodbye to my stove for the next three months!

On to crafting, I have not been stitching. At all. In fact, a few weekends ago my father in law came down with several boxes we had in storage and we found my Dragon Ride piece. Unfortunately, everything arrived sopping wet, and this piece was quite damaged:

The fabric was splotched with brown stains and mold. I have soaked and washed, soaked and washed, and most of the damage is gone, but unfortunately some stains remain. I will be tea staining it to try to add some continuity to it, but I admit I am a bit scared to do so. I don’t want to ruin the piece even more. It is one thing dying fabric before your work is put on it, but another entirely to do so after the work is done.

So I have been knitting instead. And I joined Ravelry. If you are on there, you can find me under the user name cgdoyle. This is, so far, turning out to be a good thing, aside from the several hours I have spent browsing patterns. I have noticed already a jump in the readership of this blog (from 2 to 5, holy cow!), and I am knitting a bit more frequently. Hopefully this means I will actually have some finished projects to share with all of you!

4 thoughts on “An update

  1. Giovanna

    Oh no, what a shame!! About your DR, I mean. I hope the tea-dying will help.

    Isn’t Ravelry great? I’ve downloaded insane amounts of projects from there. Off to befriend you now…

  2. Leah

    For what it’s worth, I think the fabric looks pretty good. If you could tea-stain the top right corner, then I think that’d be all you’d need to do. But I do understand about worrying about dying after the fact.

  3. Jenna

    I think that tea staining it will look perfect. Honestly, the splotching looks nice with the border. I think that your idea (was it your idea?) of blotting a wet teabag in certain spots would work out nicely. That way, you can control exactly where the staining goes. Do you have an updated piccie of how stained it looks now? Or is this one the current pic?

  4. Karen

    You are very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom! It would be awesome to roll back over in the morning and not have to get up for work.

    I think the tea stain will work as well. I totally understand why it would be kinda scarey to do it after its been completed though! Good luck!


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