Something constructive

You will be pleased to know I have a finish. The Insanely Boring Poncho (TM) is done. Completely and totally done. Blocked, sewn, almost bagged up to be sent off… somewhere (I haven’t decided yet, but it has been the bane of my existence for so long I just want it gone). Let me show you.

Here is why I dislike this piece so much. Yes, it was boring to do. But that was COMPLETELY my fault. You see, the original pattern called for stripes. As I was using a variegated yarn, I figured stripes would be a little much. So a straight stockinette would have to do. But I hated the edging of this piece from day one.

The pattern calls for two rectangular pieces to be sewn up edge to edge to make the poncho. Unfortunately, when sewing it up, you end up with a horrible seam from the edging:

The vertical line is completely out of place, and the bottom edging is mismatched. It looks like there was very little thought to the instructions at all.  I had considered that perhaps I was misreading the instructions, but when it came time to sew it up, there really is no other way.

So now I have a child size poncho that is too small for my children and I wouldn’t want them to wear anyway. Nor am I interested in giving it away, as it looks like I had no idea what I was doing. It just looks like shoddy craftsmanship.

But onward. I FINALLY stained my Dragon Ride piece. And I flubbed it up. Again, my fault, I should have tested on other fabric to get the technique down. But as it was, I ended up with a fairly large splotch in the corner I’m not happy with and tried to cover up. While I am not happy with the finished product (let’s face it, I will only be happy by restitching the piece, honestly; and that’s not happening any time soon), it does look better.

(I apologize for the quality – my camera batteries died this afternoon and I had to use my phone.) I plan on framing the piece hopefully over the next couple of days. Who knows, with the right frame, it may lesson the issues.

On to other things, I am pleased with Kimber today. Her school gave her an award for reading excellence for her grade. Here she is receiving her medal:

She is quite the bookworm, and it is frequently heard in this house “Put the book down, please!” when some chores are being “forgotten”. Or breakfast is being eaten and continuing to read at the table will result in being late. Or when there is a line up for the washroom. You get the idea. Both girls are like that. And while I encourage them reading, some days I feel like tossing the books! lol! Today, however, she is welcome to keep right on reading. There are worse things she could be doing with her time!


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