Adventures in cooking

So last night we decided to do something a bit different, and I grabbed some inspiration from Jenny Eatwell. She had posted on her food blog a fantastic sounding pasta bake recipe and I had to try something like it.

I decided to use that recipe as inspiration, but to do it a bit differently. First and easiest to change, was the cheese. We went with a cheddar instead of mozza, as we all like a stronger cheese in this house. Then the veggies. Instead of broccoli (which I have nothing against, it just seems to me to fit better with a chicken dish) we used celery, green peppers and mushrooms. As there is no way that the girls would eat anything resembling a chili, I left that out. We upped the garlic and oregano amounts as well.

Our take was also a much larger feed. We kept the amount of sausage the same, but as we had way more veggies, we upped the pasta count too. I ended up with two of these:

(Ew I just realized how dirty my stovetop looks here. Sorry!)

We used a fairly large can of tomato puree and were concerned that it might have too strong of a tomato flavour. But it worked out beautifully and tasted amazing – we all cleaned our plates multiple times!

And while we are discussing food, Anne S recommended another food blog to me that you might be interested in. The photos alone are mouthwatering. The English Kitchen is worth the visit.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in cooking

  1. Melanie Boxall

    I am increasingly using sausages in pasta dishes. Took me years to even try it, and I don’t know why. I do a similar thing to this (more like yours actually, with absolutely no disrespect to Jenny) and wonder why I never did it long, long ago. Oh well. Better late than never.


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