We have got to work on our communication

It has never been a secret that I am very unfocused when it comes to my crafting. I usually have several projects on the go, as I tend to get bored with things quickly. Fortunately, I also have crafty friends who enable me on a regular basis.

Enter Melissa, who recently posted on facebook that her yarn order was made for a crochet mystery afghan. Whooooaaaaat???

Something crochet and a mystery afghan? Can it get any better than this? And so I immediately checked out the site for the yarn requirements and pulled out my tub o’yarn stash to see what I would need to purchase.

Well good news is, I have a lot of yarn. Bad news is, it’s all the wrong yarn for this project. Well maybe it’s good news, it means I get to go shopping. I started checking out various websites on pricing, as I didn’t want to commit if this was going to be an expensive venture. Fortunately, at the expensive places (the cheap places don’t list their prices 😉 ) the cost was going to be about $50 for all of it.

I proceeded to discuss this project with Scott as I was getting quite excited, explaining first how the project worked. He was leery, which I didn’t understand. “I don’t know, $50 for one 8″ square seems kind of much, doesn’t it?”

I guess I need to be a bit more clear when I start getting excited about something!


One thought on “We have got to work on our communication

  1. Melanie Boxall

    Must confess I’m confused too. So I shall forthwith click on the link for the mystery afghan. Oh I SEE. Hmm. It could end being horrible. But then you could give it away I guess. I’m very picky about crocheted blankets, well crocheted anything really, (oh please, I’m very picky about anything), so this is not my thing, but I do see the fun aspect of it.


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