21st Century Crochet

A problem I have always had with crochet is its dated-ness. (I don’t know if that’s a real word, but we’ll go with it.) There are always plenty of scarves, hats, ponchos and dish towels to crochet – a quick google search for patterns gives you plenty to choose from. But what happens when you want to move on from that? I mean, there are only so many days of the year you can get away with wearing a toque.

Clothing patterns tend to be nothing but sweaters, and bulky ones at that. Big chunky stitches, usually so far apart you need to wear something under it anyway. They do nothing for shape, stitches are the same basic stitches you find in your hats, they aren’t exciting.

Enter knitting, where you can have nice tight stitches, tiny yarn, and oodles of different methods of creating shape and pattern. Knitting for years has been the way to go if you actually cared about your appearance in your own crafted clothing.

THANK GOODNESS a new trend is coming through with crochet. It’s taken a while, but there are a few designers out there that are actually creating some more modern patterns that are actually pretty to wear.

If you haven’t discovered her yet, check out Doris Chan. (I know, right now her latest blogs are focusing on shawls, not that exciting, but keep digging.) A great example of her work is the freebie she lists on her website.

You can find this trend as well with the book “Stitch & Bitch Crochet“. The patterns start off with hats, scarves and purses, but further in you will find some lovely sweaters and tanks.

Crochet is even showing up on the runway. Slllooowwwly patterns are improving, and we see things like bracelets joining in. And they aren’t any harder to do – a different type of yarn, maybe, a smaller hook. But really we are still just winding yarn around a stick.

And hope our disintegrating ray doesn’t disintegrate.


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