Progress report

Yesterday I had to go into the hospital for some blood work, and fortunately I was forewarned that it would take some time. So I brought along my yarn projects and got some good work done.

I finished the main portion of the Bonny Blue Vest. What remains now is the edging along the sides and buttons, and I have decided to add some ties to the back to give it some shape. This fits fairly large on Lauryn and I hope the ties will lesson that “potato sack” look. (Even though I did gauge before hand and went with a smaller hook size…)

I have also been working on a baby blanket (the link brings you to the pattern itself for download). Admittedly, my knitting skills aren’t fantastic, and this is a good project to practice on.

My issues with this piece are two-fold.

One, my yarn-overs need work. As you can see on the detail photo, the left side yarn-overs are significantly more noticeable than the right side. So I need to learn an appropriate technique for yarn-overs purl wise. I was not happy with the lack of balance there.

Two, the pattern calls for knitting the piece with the top and bottom edges in its entirety, and casting on the side borders afterwards. I have my doubts as to how good this is going to look, and fortunately several Ravelry users expressed the same concern.  So I have pulled out the whole thing and decided to start again, this time adding 7 stitches on each side (for a total of 14) to knit in the side border as I go.  Hopefully this will make the project a bit easier in the end.


2 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. Melanie Boxall

    Actually that’s a common issue, having a different y.o. tension on purl stitches. It comes with practice there’s no quick fix.

    I HATE cast-on (or sewn-on) borders, and never use them. They look like crap. It is supposed to be easier. Pff.

  2. Dee (bk395)

    I’m a fellow member of the bernat CAL. I love the Bonny Blue Vest. The blanket is gorgeous. I also had some problems with knit side being tighter than purlside. Spoke with some one at Infinity Yarns who says its a common issue. She suggested I use one larger and smaller needle (7 & 8 or 8 & 9). I see you’re using a circular needle. Last year I purchased the Denise interchangeables and I love them. With that set you can put a two different sizes on each end. Anyway, your blanket is looking great. I’m also working on a baby blanket- “Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky Cables Blamket”


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