Runaway train

Last week’s Crochet Along clue called for eight squares to be completed. I barely finished those eight squares, on one afghan version before today (late last night, in fact).  To steal a phrase from Annette, I stealth crocheted this week. A few minutes here, a few minutes there…

This clue had us doing a v-stitch. Basically a double crochet, single crochet and another double in the same single crochet space. Once I figured out the odd phrasing for the first row, it was fairly smooth sailing.

My squares for this clue leave me wanting to sc around to make it more square. I am not fond of the edging here and hope that once this afghan is pieced together it will all fall into place. I realize a lot of that comes from the light yarn I’m using – it does not hold it’s shape well, and the next set I do for my second afghan should work out a bit better.

I am trying diligently to stay caught up with the clues. I hope to have the next eight squares done for the second afghan by this weekend, and hopefully get the fourth clue done for both by Wednesday. The fourth clue is asking for some colour changes, which only affects my second afghan so it should go fairly quickly. That being said, it also asks for four squares to be done.

I did have some doubts as to when this afghan would be completed, but it seems that they are really bumping up the number of squares per week to make it finished before Christmas. Not that I have any idea what I’m going to do with these once I’m done. Really, I’m doing it because it is an easy fun project and my growing belly is hindering both knitting and cross stitch right now. So crochet it is.

And on a side note, since I haven’t shared it on my blog yet (though those of you who have befriended me on facebook are already spammed with this!), here are some recent ultrasound photos of the baby. Only six weeks to go before we meet the little one!


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