The post which is afghan heavy

Since this project is taking up a lot of my crafting energy these days (not for a lack of trying!), it stands to reason my blogs of late will also take up this venture.

Last week’s clue was the first in changing colours, and introduced the triple and half-double stitches. I was already familiar with all these techniques, so the working of these went fairly quickly. My only hiccup was that apparently I need to learn to count. Rows were 22 stitches long, and for some reason I could hit 21 or 23 without any issues. I had to actually pay attention and be vigilant on my counting.

To keep on top of the clues as they come out, I have taken to crochet everywhere:

… Mostly at my computer. I have been reading my blogs and watching my streaming shows, spending time on facebook and flying around Azeroth all the while crocheting.  Of course, that may contribute to my counting problems. 😉


And so, my single colour afghan squares for clue number four:

Again, the thin yarn makes this a flimsy square, but I think it will turn out alright.


Afghan #2 squares for clue number four:

I apologize for the paper in the shot, I know it doesn’t look very pretty. I wanted to show the colours, and the light purple is just close enough to the brown of my desk top that the colour washes out.

I had an odd happening with the coloured squares. I finished my third square, and realized that my pattern was off. Apparently while watching tv, I had forgotten which end was the top of the square, and I had cast on my colour change at the bottom of the square and therefore adjusted the pattern. If nothing else, I’m very good at make-work projects.


Clue number five was released on Wednesday, calling for 16 squares each. A little daunting, but I have worked up one square so far. This square is a mitered square, and this is a new technique for me. I must say, I am really having fun with this.

This is my first attempt at one of these squares, and while I will be pulling this one out and starting again, I am pumped at how it turned out. I realize my stitches got a little tight near the end, causing the square to go a little off keester, and the final square size is about 1/2 inch too small. So, I will be pulling it out and adding a few stitches in and loosening up the cornering. I will be switching back and forth from my coloured afghan to the solid one, to add some variation, but I do not think this will stitch up fast enough to complete 32 squares in one week. But when I have some free time in upcoming weeks I will be working on these squares.

And so there you have it. Off to hook some more!


2 thoughts on “The post which is afghan heavy

  1. Annette

    For the mitred squares – I found if I changed to a larger hook when I started the middle stripe, I ended up with a good square rather than one that tried to narrow down in the last corner. I also had to start with ch 50 to get my 8″ sq 🙂

    Love the solid color version!


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