Clue number 7

Done in plenty of time again this week. Bernat tricked us a bit with this clue. You see, at the beginning of the project, it was mentioned 45 squares would be worked up in all. But that doesn’t make a nice afghan, you see. So it was agreed on the Ravelry group for the project that it must be a typo – surely they meant 48, making it a nice 8×6 square size afghan.

Then this clue was released, where we only had to make up one square! Ah! Now we have a time saver! But it is the same size of four squares – which really is the same as working up four squares, isn’t it?

Anyway. This was an easy clue this week, working up granny squares. If you haven’t done this clue yet, pay attention to the last two rows – they aren’t your standard rows and are finished a bit differently.


So in addition to taking not so exciting photos, I also have a knack for crocheting a granny square into a more pinwheel shape. ;p


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