A bit of an update today.


I have finished all the squares for my second mystery afghan.

I did a couple different things with this square. First, I didn’t use the recommended colour pattern given. I did so because I am finding there is already a lot of black in the afghan and I’m finding it a bit depressing. I was hoping that the black would be more of an accent colour and not so prominent. Secondly, I ran out of black yarn.

I also made half of these squares with a green border and half with purple, as I couldn’t decide which looked better.

So all that remains with this afghan is to piece it together and then to work the border. I am having a bit of motivation issues with this because it is so tedious to sew in all the ends (something I will have to make sure I do in the future as I go along) and to sew all the pieces together. To divert my attention a bit, I have started the swatch for the Wrapped in Ragg piece.

As I really would like to do this wrap correctly, I wanted to make sure I was measuring my gauge correctly, something I have always been unsure of. Turns out I have been doing it wrong. I have been knitting the recommended gauge (in this case 16 sts over 20 rows) and then measuring to see if it was the correct size. I have been unsure of how to measure in the edges, if it should just stay on the needles or cast off, etc. So knitting lesson number one for me! (If you are unsure yourself, you can check out this video on YouTube.)

I have promised myself that once I figure out this gauge business I will go back and finish my afghan. Hopefully. ;p


One thought on “Update!

  1. Angela

    Thanks for sharing the link, she’s got a lot of great videos posted there on different techniques. Your squares look lovely. I typically weave in ends as I go with multi-color / yarn changing projects … saved a lot of time in the end :o)


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