A bit of an update

I admit, I’m getting lax again with my posts. I was starting to show a bit of promise, wasn’t I? At the very least, I owe you a bit of an update of goings-on here.

Crafting, I’m afraid, has been going slowly. 


Wrapped in Ragg has been progressing very slowly since it’s quite boring. I admit, I should just buckle down and do it. Oddly I find other things to do with my time. I should work on that. In the mean time, the weather here has been, well, a Canadian winter, and as a result we have had a few power outages. Instead of picking up my knitting needles, I’ve done this:

I’ve gathered up some squares I knitted years ago that I was going to use for a larger afghan and sewed them together, and am working on a crochet border. As it turns out, the afghan is just large enough for a crib. 😉

That is all that has been happening on the crafting front, sadly. As I mentioned, we have had quite the winter, and many of our days are spent clearing a driveway that looks like this:


And playing with Sean.

Not to mention trying to keep sane until the snow melts and we can get outside and start planting flowers. Stay warm, everyone!


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