Is that lint?

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Lord Chesterfield

A clumsy moment this morning has caused a bit of introspection for me. I tripped over my far too big slippers, thinking, “Darn it, I really need to get started on a new pair.” But then I remembered all the other projects I have on the go and why I hadn’t started a new pair of slippers; and so the navel gazing began.

We are all good at something, my excellence is in the area of procrastination. I have projects everywhere left undone. From knitting to cross stitch, from housework to sudoku puzzles. I am an expert at leaving things at that not quite done point.

“Oh, you silly thing”, you say, “You are a busy woman. You have three children including a new baby to care for. Never mind these unfinished projects!”

Let me tell you, I’m not that busy. The girls are in school during the day and my son is an excellent napper. He even sleeps most of the night without any issue so my own sleep deprivation is minimal. While he is playing with his toys are swinging idly in his swing, there is no reason in the world why I can’t sit beside him and stitch, crochet, or even pick up a rag and dust (yeah, that last one has me rolling on the floor laughing, too). So what’s the deal?

I have several projects so close to completion I can almost taste it. A vest I’m working on for Lauryn needs to be edged and a button added. A blanket for Sean needs 8″ of edging to be put on, but I’ve run out of yarn. A pair of pants I’m working on for myself needs a zipper and a hem.

I think partially I feel guilty for not working on what I “should” be working on. Yes, ninja knitting is working somewhat, but I could be doing better. Is there a reason why I don’t just sit for 30 minutes and get a chunk done (I did the other day, by the way, I will get photos for you later). I set a grandiose goal this January to get a Christmas project a month done for my gift giving this year. It hasn’t worked out so well. I know *what* I’m going to make, I even have the materials for some. I just haven’t started.

I could blame facebook (Darn you, Mafia Wars!), I could blame “life”, I could try to say I get easily distracted; I’m a deadline oriented person. But realistically I just can’t be bothered most days.

I need to work on that. Tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Is that lint?

  1. Melanie

    Oh look! A squirrel!

    There are so many unfinished projects here that it’s completely ridiculous. Even members of my family chastise me for starting new things, there are so many still needing work. I think I just enjoy variety. But also I’m no damn good at sitting and ONLY crafting. So I do stuff while watching a movie or chatting to somebody. What I need is a knitting “circle”, but we’ve been through that before.

  2. Karen

    I say do what makes you happy when it comes to crafting. If starting a new project is going to bring a smile to your face, then go for it! The other stuff will get done eventually…… After all, Crafting is our hobby and it is supposed to fun! 🙂 Sometimes I just need a bit of change. Especially from larger projects.


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