Tapping inner zen

So I promised you an update on Wrapped in Ragg, and here I am keeping my word.

Here it is.

Yeah that’s pretty much it.

Ah you caught me, I’m about to complain.

I finally figured out that hole on the top of the photo is the arm hole. I figure based on what I’m reading of the pattern that is likely the most challenging part of this project. I have never knit a Mary Maxim pattern, but it seems to me this one has added in stuff that is just… unnecessary. The yarn is quite busy to begin with and then the right side of this project is the purl side, which makes it even busier. Maybe they are trying to go for a tweed look, but I’m finding it tiresome. I have a hard time doing things purl side (as you can see since I’ve got yarn joinings on the right side), and I realize that just comes from practice. But still, is it really necessary to the garment to do it backwards? I will stop there, you’ve heard me ramble on about bad patterns before.

Anyway. I’ve divided (in my head, at least) the project into 5 parts – the left side, back, right side, and two arms. Shown above is the right side and the beginning of the back. The piece is worked as one with the arms separate, just a long rectangle really with arm holes. So I’m 20% done. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Just keep knitting…


3 thoughts on “Tapping inner zen

  1. Melanie

    The yarn is lovely, I have seriously considered making myself a sweater in that, but no, I don’t like the inside-out look. I think designers are a certain breed, and they always seek new and different, which of course is a good thing for innovation, or we’d stagnate, but sometimes it feels like it’s just for the sake of it, for no good reason, when conventional works better.

  2. Karen

    You’re making great progress! Hopefully the pattern works out for you in the end. It’s never fun when working with a poorly drawn out pattern.


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