It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a geek. Ok, a lot of a geek. One of my favourite websites is, combining my love of geek and crafts. Can it get any better than this?

Anyway, I’ve been browsing around this morning and thought I would give you a bit of inspiration, should you feel inclined to tap your inner nerd.

For the knitters, a very cool variation on a Dr. Who scarf (link to Noodle’s Noggin blog):


For the crocheters, a Mario afghan (image link goes to ravelry link, with a free download):

And for those who are lacking in the above patience, Admiral Ackbar puppet!




4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Noodle

    hey there – I’m glad you like my scarf. I’ve been looking at some of your stuff too, great work – I wish I had such knitting skills 🙂

  2. The Other Christine

    Gawd, I wish I could knit or crochet. I’d make those for sure. The Mario blanket especially! My girls would love it, though they never knew Mario when he looked like that. 😉

    1. Christine Post author

      I thought you might enjoy these. We will have to meet some day soon and I’ll show you how to crochet those squares in the pattern. Easy peesy!


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