Surely you jest!

I recently undertook a mission to make a different type of baby hat. Looking on the internet I found dismal patterns for jesters hats, and certainly very few that were crocheted. And so I had to try and come up with something myself.

I started by making three cones, which was easy enough. The problem I had was coming up with the remainder of the hat; and how to put it together. I ended up working edging with the cones, and sewing the three pieces together.

It was becoming apparent that my sizing was off as I went along with the sewing, the hat was far too large for any baby.

After adding a border, it did fit Kimber beautifully.

So the problems I’m having with this piece is after it is sewn together, is the joining of the three pieces looks more like the bottom of a pepper than a nice beenie hat. Which means I still have a bit of working to do to make it perfect for me.


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