Ahh my lovelies, I have not forgotten you. I’m still here, hooking and knitting away.

Wrapped in Ragg is progressing. Slowly, slowly slowly. I would show you a photo, but my camera has finally died. Really, it was over due; I’m quite surprised it lasted as long as it did. If you require a photo, take a look at my last post where I mentioned it and add a few inches. Voila. ;p

I’ve been working on little crochet goodies as well, mostly quick stitch things to keep my mojo going. I would love to show you, but again, no camera.

So I’m going to distract you, yes I am! I was recommended this website by a friend the other day and I squealed with delight. I hope you do to!




2 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. Fran

    I’m guessing this means that if I start the wrapped in rag sweater today I won’t have it done in 3 weeks? lol I knew I should have started it sooner, or NOT gotten rid of my knitting machine….lol
    I’m just heading to Mary Maxim to pick up the pattern and yarn…..

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