And now for something a little different

Good afternoon, my lovelies. I thought I would give an actual blog today instead of a photo and a few lines.

Lets start with our standard update. Wrapped in Ragg now has two arm holes (oooOOoooOOoooOOoo)! Only 17 more inches to go to knit up and I can start work on the sleeves. Which means only 17 more inches to go until something fun. Or at least, different.

I thought I would show you the right side today. ;p

I made some fantastic progress this week and I hope I can keep that momentum going. It has been recommended to me in the past to knit while watching an exciting movie; it would increase my knitting speed. While that may be true, it increases my number of dropped stitches as well. So that is out. I also cannot knit while watching exciting sports. Like the NHL playoffs. More on that later.

I have discovered, though, that I knit well while catching up on past episodes of Glee. Now that I have caught up and the season is over, I need to find something else to keep my mind busy while I keep my hands busy. Fortunately for me, a timely blog by Isabelle has provided the answer.

If you are a crafter and haven’t read Isabelle’s blog, you really should. I have been a follower for several years, her blog being one of the ones that inspired me to start my own. On her latest post, she had a surprise for her readership – a podcast!

I admit, despite the amount of time I spend online I have never listened to a single podcast. I don’t know why; I likened them (I suppose) to talk radio, and I’ve never enjoyed that. Being that this was Isabelle, however, and I thoroughly enjoy her blog I thought I would give it a listen.

It was fabulous! She talked about stuff I enjoy, was informative and entertaining. It was wonderful to hear her voice and made the topics discussed very personal. Annnddd… I got some great knitting in while listening.

So it is now my mission to find other entertaining podcasts. Do you have any to recommend? I would love to keep it along similar topics such as stitching, yarn crafts, etc.

One thing Isabelle touched on was how she wanted to expand her topics of discussion beyond just crafting. This is something I have wanted to do with my blog for a while, but I’m not sure how my readership feels about that. I’m sure you have noticed that stitching certainly hasn’t been happening, and the knitting that I am doing is not very exciting; ergo I have no desire to blog about it. I’m more than just a crafter, however, and several other things go through my brain daily (really!). I would love to share some of these things here.

I will promise right off to stay away from religion and politics. ;p


So what is on my mind these days? Mostly the NHL playoffs. If you have zero interest in hockey feel free to skip this bit. Let me start by saying I’m not a huge hockey fan. I used to watch it all the time growing up but as an adult I did not keep on top of how teams were doing, who got traded where, etc. But I try to catch the playoffs now and again.

I don’t have a specific team that is my team, but I admit to being a little bit of a purist. I’m sorry, but if your city doesn’t naturally get cold enough for ice let alone snow, you shouldn’t have a hockey team; and I won’t be cheering for you. Hockey here in Canada is a Very Big Thing; and to have the Stanely Cup in a city that doesn’t even have snow is sad to me.

Not that either of the two teams playing for the cup this year fall into that category (although Vancouver comes close O.o). I am cheering for Vancouver for the cup because they are the Canadian team. That being said, Boston definately wants this more. The way Vancouver has been playing leads me to wonder how they got to this position in the first place. Aside from Luongo’s performance during the last two games, I suspect it has been him that has been carrying Vacouver along. Their stick handling, their passing, it makes me wonder where this great talent is that is supposed to be cup worthy. I hope the next game Vancouver wakes up and shows us all how wrong I am.


I hope that the new direction I plan to take my blog will result in a bit more frequency in my writing. As I am home all day with the boy, the internet is my social outlet. And there is only so much Facebook and Mafia Wars can accomplish in that regard. ;p


3 thoughts on “And now for something a little different

  1. Karen

    My bf is a huge hockey fan, and I get to watch it ALL of the time whether I want to or not lol. I agree with you whole-heartedly that I can’t support a team based out of a city that doesn’t get snow. It just doesn’t seem right! As for my favourite team, well, I don’t really have one, but I do seem to be cheering for the Bruins more only because they seem to have more Canadians on their team than Vancouver…. Funny how that works out.

    Best of luck with the change in the direction of your blog. Like you, there are lots of things that I think about, but I’m not so sure if I should post because the center of my blog is stitching.

  2. Fran

    I’m hoping you can help me…… I got to the point of the first armhole…but abit confused. You purl the states amount of stitches (neck edge), then cast off 41 stitches, then purl to the end. Then you work both pieces for 4 rows, I’m guessing these are worked as 2 separate pieces?? Then you knit to armhole, turn and cast on 41 stitches (so the stitches you earlier cast off) and continue on knitting. Is this the point at which you go join the 2 pieces together? Your help would be appreciated!!

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