On stash

Recently a new group was formed on that big social networking site that I’m not going to name because my spam filter on my blog won’t be able to keep up called “Stashoholics”. My blogging buddy Jenna of Tale of a Shooting Star started it up and has encouraged us to share photos of our stash.

One of my goals this summer is to de-clutter. In an effort to do so I really need to inventory what we (and by “we” I really mean “I”, let’s face it) have. This group has pushed a bit of a starting point for me, and in turn I’m pushing a bit of my own boundaries and will show you the before photos. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to show you after shots.

Although the Stashaholics group is mostly for cross stitching, as you know I do more than just that. A quick search around my home you will often find a ball of yarn, crochet hooks, beads, scissors in random spots. (On my desk right in front of me is my coffee cup, my sunglasses and a pair of stitching scissors.) I have taken shots of the bigger hot spots where I keep my stash, so let me explain what’s going on in each shot.

The first shot shows my chair and my stash behind it. On the floor is my bag of yarn (I keep the bulk of my yarn in comforter bags) and my two yarn bags (the red one is a retired purse – it rocks!). (Behind this stuff is not my stash, but rather board games. See the issue here?) On the table is my current project, right now which is Wrapped in Ragg and the Guardian. On top of the bag of yarn is another project I’m working on which is some vintage crochet slippers. Interspersed are magazines and various patterns I’ve printed off and not put away.

The second shot shows the bottom half of my closet. In the two tubs you will find more yarn and fabric; in the boxes notions, patterns, beads, etc.

The third shot shows the top shelf in my closet, which holds sewing patterns, fabric, notions, more beads, and the odds and ends that don’t have a home.

The fourth shot (sorry it’s sideways) shows my bookshelf. Most of my craft books and magazines are on there, including pattern binders I’ve tried to keep up.

The last shot is my odds and ends drawers. Ideally I’d like to keep my needles, hooks and current projects in there, but over time it has gotten away from me.

My goal is not only to get this organized and cleaned up, but all in one spot. I hope that by showing you my mess, I’ve embarrassed myself enough to get it done. Wish me luck!


One thought on “On stash

  1. Measi

    I confess that I’m a bit terrified by my own stash. Once the weather cools down and I can spend time comfortably in my office (no AC up there), I’ll probably start organizing though!

    Best of luck with the organizing.


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