In which I go postal

Alright, maybe I won’t actually go postal, but I feel like it.

I was all ready to give you a Wrapped in Ragg update later this week showing a completed body; I’m that close (last three inches, in fact).

Instead, this is what I found.

A dropped stitch. Now immediately the perfectionist in me wants to go back and fix it and keep going.

This piece is over five feet long right now. This stitch is within the first foot.


Realistically I will likely cast one one stitch somewhere and since the right side is the purl side that may be how I can hide this. Because I certainly am not pulling back four feet of mind numbing knitting.

Do you have any other suggestions?

4 thoughts on “In which I go postal

  1. Melanie

    Oh the urge to go back would be strong, I quite understand, but….no. Fix it. Hide the fix. In that yarn it won’t show. Move on. Remind yourself never to take on such a project again.

  2. Michelle

    Pick it out from the short end, put in some sort of middle panel (say, in white) and then knit the same length off that end.

    Just a thought.

  3. Cathy

    I would be right there with you wanting to pull it out and make it right, but I think Melanie is right in this case. You can totally hide that in the yarn. Let us know what you decide.


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