Mojo Managed

Now that I have moved past the gigantic mass of wrap, I am working the sleeves of the piece.

The sleeves are worked in a basket weave pattern. Once I figured out the right way to increase and decrease in pattern, the sleeves work up very quickly. Here I have one and a half done. Following these sleeves, I do the edging, sew up the pieces and fringe.

Working these sleeves I’m getting excited for my next project. I have a beautiful Doris Chan (link to Ravelry pattern page) lined up to crochet which I can’t wait to start, and I may even cast on something for knitting as well since I may have figured out how to fit the time in my day.

What got my mojo going? I blame Isabelle. I previously blogged about listening to her podcast and I found that it really helped keep me on track. Well listening to her podcast sent me to other podcasts that I am really enjoying; in fact I’m enjoying them so much I eagerly check daily to see if new podcasts are released. Two I really enjoy are Shorty’s Sutures (a crochet podcast) and The Knitmore Girls (a knitting podcast). I have listened to a few that I enjoy… less… to be nice. Some I just delete altogether. But these two (in addition to Fluffy Fibers) are my favourites. I’ll be sure to mention more when I find a gem.



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