A non-Ragg update

My foray into podcasts has by extension increased my blogroll; various blogs are recommended and I have found several I’m enjoying.

One of those blogs is Crochet Concupiscence. This blog shares interesting blogs and lovely crochet finds from the web. Kathryn hosted a give away earlier this month of stitch markers and I won! I’m so pumped.

My readers might remember one of my listed goals for this year was to craft Christmas gifts for my family this year. Unfortunately this isn’t going well as it is July *and* I haven’t started a single one. So I have about 5 months to do eight gifts. I do have several ideas printed off and queued and hopefully my mojo will get things rolling quickly. But there are still a few that I need to pick out. So you can imagine my excitement when the latest issue of Crochet! landed in my mailbox this morning.

Crochet! has announced it is changing from its monthly format to a quarterly magazine, claiming more patterns per issue. Which is fine, I don’t (obviously) work up everything normally printed in a months time anyway. But this issue is all about cowls, wraps and vests. Vests an awful lot like wrap I’m working on right now. I’m not really a cowl person, and the wrap patterns don’t excite me. It would be nice to have a few nice sweaters thrown in. So this, sadly is a magazine that will likely sit on my shelf until such time as I feel like crocheting a wrap. Or cowl. Or large bordered vest.

I’m sure the things I will want to make will jump out at me soon. In the mean time I’ll finish off my current project and start the first two I’ve decided on.



One thought on “A non-Ragg update

  1. Melanie

    This is the problem with those who are passionate about a specific craft. They are so much in love with their creations they forget that not everyone else is. Crocheted clothing is very much a minority taste. Crocheted cowls, wraps and vests even more so. Very dodgy gifts. I would feel awful if somebody went to all that trouble to make me a crocheted vest which I would never wear. The maker would be offended, they put sheer love into it, but it’s the TIME that would hurt with hand-made like that. So they are not a good idea for gifts unless you KNOW the recipient will love it.


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