Today’s post has very little to do with crafting of any type. But then I warned you this could happen.

Let’s talk movies.

I’m starting to think that any long lived actor has to have that “whaaaaat?” movie in his repertoire (and by his I mean his and her, really let’s move beyond this PC business. Actor is a male word, therefore I shall use a male pronoun. Simplicity of language and all that). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me just say, Snakes on a Plane. See? The movie just has you saying “Whaaaaat?”. Even more so, a well known and very good actor stars in it. Samuel Jackson has gone on record saying that he chose this role just because of the title.

Now admittedly I have not seen the movie. Nor will I likely see the movie, for several reasons. First, it’s about snakes. On a plane. If I watched the movie every time I fell asleep on the plane I would dream of snakes. Guaranteed. I still dream of velociraptors. (They can open doors, man!) Second, I really have no interest in seeing two hours of snakes on a plane. Let’s see if we can figure out the plot without seeing the movie: there are snakes, on a plane. They escape. People panic. Hero captures obviously super smart snakes in a grand final move and voila, credits.

I’m sure not every actor wants to star in some super dramatic role all the time. Perhaps at times they would like to do something fun and different. I get that. But I have to question when high caliber actors choose roles that are … less than high caliber.

The movie I’m talking about is Cowboys and Aliens.

Would you not think this was some sort of B-grade (or even D-grade) idea that you expect your weird old unwashed neighbour to have on his shelf? Something with horrible special effects, a very weak story line? Not something with Daniel Craig. And certainly not with Harrison Ford.

This has got to be their Whhaaaaatttt? movie. And I probably will still watch it.


5 thoughts on “Whaaaaat?

  1. Melanie

    It sounds awful. But I suppose it would be fun to make a really tacky B-movie. Especially if you spend half your career trying to be a serious thespian.

    On the other hand, sometimes what they THINK isn’t a bad movie turns out to be one. Sometimes in fact they are the only thing that saves it. Golden Compass would have been awful if not for some of the cast.

  2. Erin

    Actually, I think Harrison Ford has a couple of those, like Hollywood Homicide (which is actually rather cute). I’m sure Samuel L Jackson took the Snakes On A Plane role so he could say “MF” more times than should be permitted on film (or so I’ve heard; haven’t seen it myself!). But I mainly wanted to comment because when I’m dreaming about being chased, it is always about raptors! As a young kid, it was dogs (usually black), but after Jurassic Park, it morphed into raptors, and it’s stayed that way all these years later. And believe it or not, I really want to see Cowboys and Aliens, because I’m just that morbidly curious (and I do like Sam Rockwell).

  3. Christine Darrah

    It was one of his earlier roles, and I don’t know if I’d put him in the same caliber as Harrison Ford and Sam Jackson, but Will Smith in Wild Wild West… Whhaaaaaattt???


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