Something girly

So being summer time, the weather gets quite hot. Yes, even here in Canada. The best thing to do with hot weather is barbecue. And the best thing to have with a great barbecued steak is a cold beer.

(Note: I am not advocating unsafe barbecuing. If you are going to drink alcohol, please remember to do so responsibly.)

As anyone who has a cold drink in hot weather knows, sweating is a problem. The condensation created from the cold drink and the warm weather can make drinking uncomfortable with wet hands.

I was mentioning to Scott that I should crochet some cozies for his cans, and I could make them pretty. Being the manly man he is, he laughed it off, declaring “No cozies for me!” Grabbing my drink and seeing the condensation, he told me I should make some for myself. “And I’ll make them pretty and girly!!” said I.

Laughing again, I’m sure he imagined pink ponies and rainbows. I declared “Nay nay! Pink skulls,” which he mentioned he would love to see.

So. I give you pink skulls. (Link to the Ravelry page.)

It took a few tries adjusting my gauge to fit the necessary measurements and finding a skull pattern that worked (I ended up finding one on Ravelry that I adjusted), but I have it figured out now. And I will totally be doing more of these, with cool designs. I’m excited.




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