I am finally able to announce the completion of Wrapped in Ragg. (Link to my Ravelry project page)



Obviously I am super excited to be finished this project, it was a huge endeavor. That being said, it was a large undertaking because of the large main body, and had I clued into things that enabled me to knit quicker sooner, this project would not have taken 9 months to complete.


I did make a small change to the pattern. The bottom edge instructions tell you to pick up 224 stitches, I changed it to 228 after pulling it out 3 times convinced my count was wrong. Picking up 228 stitches ends the pattern with a purl segment, making each side edge the same (I like uniformity, sue me). It also results in easy placement of the fringe every 12 stitches.

This wrap does not hang nicely on me, at all. To get the photos we got took a lot of placement of the wrap and I really think it would look far better on a person with a larger upper body (shoulders and chest) than I have. Not that it is a big deal in this case as this is not for me, but if you are considering making this that might be something to remember.




I did end up blocking since the knitting curled in ways that was not becoming. I stole an idea from the Yarn Harlot and used my mattress as my blocking base. I totally forgot about the cat who has a habit of digging in his claws then getting them stuck in what ever he has them dug into, but thankfully he stayed off the bed entirely for the day.

I had a fantastic angels on high moment (you know, that ah-ah-ah! sung sweetly moment) when I clued into an easier method for picking up stitches. I was dreading picking up stitches on the border as I really suck at it. So I thought I would consult the Book of Armaments the book which became my bible through out this project (really, you have no idea how often I refer to this book) and lo! and behold! a quicker and easier method for picking up stitches – crochet! Not only did I get my stitches picked up quickly, it was easy for me to keep them uniform while picking them up.

I did have to transfer them after picking them up to a circular needle, which I do not enjoy working on. I realize it’s a matter of practice, but my needle (and therefore work) twists often and my tension goes right out the window.

I am happy that I am done. I’m proud that I was able to get such a large project done with only one error, which did turn out to be minor. It will likely be a while before I pick up a new knitting project this large, but I know I can do one, now.


5 thoughts on “Next!

  1. Cat

    Very very nice Christine! I have never attempted any type of knitted clothing and I’m afraid to even try. I like this design enough though that I might actually give it a go!

    Congratulations on a lovely finish!

  2. Melanie

    I congratulate you on finishing this, a major project. I love the yarn and the way it looks knitted up. I don’t think the issue is your slender shape. I think it’s just a really weird garment. But as you say, her choice, not yours. I hope you get a lovely gift for all those hours you put in. You deserve it.


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