And now on to holiday projects

If you recall from the beginning of the year one of my goals for this year was to hand make most of my holiday gifts. A lofty goal, and even more so since it is now August and I’m just starting. I did think I would have more time, but it happens.

And so I started a project I have been itching to start for some time, the All Shawl by Doris Chan (link to the Ravelry pattern page). This is (thankfully) working up very quickly, so quick in fact that by day three I had it 80% done before I decided that yes, I needed to start over.

So let me start from the beginning. I had decided, since this is rather large for a shawl, to make a little smaller version of it. I swapped out the recommended 6.5mm (K/10-1/2) hook for a 5mm (H/8), thinking that this would make enough of a difference to make a smaller shawl. Well it certainly did. I had finished the main body before the lace and it barely covered my shoulders.

And so pull it out I have, and I’ve gone with the hook called for. It is looking quite lovely and I should be finished in no time. I’m sure my sister is going to love it, as (I think) it matches her and her personality.

I won’t tell you which sister (I have 5) since I’m sure at least one reads this so I’ll let them figure it out. ;p

I am also starting a new knitted project which I will NOT show you as it is for one of my brothers. Since I only have two and this project is pretty distinct, it will be obvious who its for. For those who are my friends on Ravelry I will be posting updates there. I can tell you it is another knitting leap for me, working in the round. So it starts off on double pointed needles and then moves to circulars (and we already know how I feel about that). It is a two part project, with one part being significantly easier than the other, so I may alternate which piece is being worked on from day to day. I plan to have crochet projects for my other siblings worked in between so that I don’t completely lose my mind (I’m pretty close already!).



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