Going in circles

A couple of things to share today, the most exciting being this:

My anniversary gift (clicking on the photo links to the manufacturer’s website).

I have been needing a new camera for some time so I’m very excited to have this. Now I no longer have to take horrible photos on my phone, I can take horrible photos on a nice camera.

Actually I’m still figuring things out – this camera has far more features than my old one had (including a macro setting!), so I hope to improve my photography skills a bit. The kids may not like it but there are plenty of dragging-to-the-park-and-forcing-them-to-smile days in their future.

I have been busy knitting now that I have finished the shawl, and things are working out nicely. I am figuring out the whole knitting in the round business and find that I like working on dpn’s. Unfortunately I do need to work on my tension as the piece shows obviously where the breaks in the needles are (which is the only reason why I plan to block this piece, hopefully the problem will correct itself). I didn’t change over to circulars when the pattern recommended it and it is evident now that I should have since a colour change was introduced that didn’t happen as nicely as I would have liked. Oops

I do still have to work in ends so I plan to sew this obvious error and a few other minor ones my lack of colour change skill and tension have created.

Aside from these, the piece is working up nicely and I’m excited to finish.

Oh and that photo was taken with the macro setting. 😉




One thought on “Going in circles

  1. Erin

    Love my macro setting! If you haven’t already done this, do read through the manual. I learned my camera could do all sorts of nifty things that I had no clue about just because I was bored one day and read it.


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