Baby oh baby

I can finally share some crafty goodness with you today, as the friend I have been crocheting for has opened the gift. I have been crocheting for a baby, a very sweet little girl (and tiny!) and have literally been working until just hours before the gift was presented. This project took me FAR longer than I had anticipated, but then I was picking up stitches and I really am not a person who gets excited about that. Of course, having a little boy who now crawls and has a mission to grab everything that is not at least three feet off the floor might have something to do with it.

The project was a two-parter, the first being an adaptation of the Sock Monkey hat pattern I developed last year (link to the direct pdf download of the pattern. Adult size, sorry). This worked up quickly and easily and it’s so very cute.

The second part was a blanket made from a lion brand pattern, which has finally used up the last of the random white I had in my stash. I opted to add a bit of personality to the blanket and made the pretty pink border to coincide with the hat. I don’t have any idea on the finished measurements; I crocheted until I ran out of yarn.

Completing this means I now go back to my holiday projects. My next project will require a tiny bit of concentration (and won’t be shared, again, sorry. Friend me on Ravelry and you can try to keep up with the projects there) and a new technique I have never used so I imagine it will take a little longer than I would like.

Speaking of holiday knitting. I am, as you know, making projects for my siblings for Christmas; however I’m having some difficulty deciding on what to make for them. Fortunately I am finding things just before I finish my current project so I’m kept busy. But that is not my current issue.

My issue is that I have, inevitably, brother- and sister-in-laws. (Ok that sounded awful. Having them is not the issue. Read on, I’ll explain. Promise.) I’m finding things that would be perfect for them, but I don’t know if I will have the time to get projects for them done as well. I don’t want to not include them, they are still family after all, but I have five more siblings to knit for and it’s already September. Adding in three more projects for the in-laws may be pushing it. Perhaps I’ll make next year their year. Perhaps I will choose their projects and include it if I have time. I don’t know.


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