Look what I can do!

I apologize if you don’t like the MadTv sketch the photo refers to – I find folks either love or hate Stuart. Anyway, my blog post today really made me feel like doing a sideways kick and yelling in an annoying child voice.

I was going to do a review of Stitch ‘n Bitch: Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller* but I didn’t get past the first chapter, as I was trying out some of the techniques mentioned. Since the project I’m currently working on is not a beginner pattern, I needed some help. The project involves colour work and double knitting.  And my lovelies, what a super fun technique.

Shown here is the right side of my work (without, hopefully, giving away my project). Please ignore my horrible tension issues; I apparently need to work on that. Anyway. As you can see the lovely pattern is forming with the colour work.

Now let me show you the wrong side.


Dudes, it’s REVERSIBLE. How cool is that? This technique does result in a very thick fabric, so it’s perfect for winter wear. A friend also suggested this would be good for oven mitts. Which of course got me thinking, some pink skull mitts and pot holders would be awesome!

*I won’t be reviewing this book for a little while yet, I’m sorry. Since it’s taken me three weeks to get through the first chapter the timeline to do it is prohibitive. But let me tell you, the techniques are comprehensive enough that I will likely put it on my home library wish list as a go-to book.


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