So I might be slightly insane

I’m sure a lot of you already knew that.

First off, let me apologize for slowing down on the blog posts. As mentioned before, since my family at times reads this blog, I cannot show their Christmas gifts here, which is what I’m working on. I am pleased with my speed on these projects, though, and have little doubt I will be done them in time.

Which is likely what spawned my recent bout of insanity.

I joined a new group on Ravelry, called Nerd Wars. This group hosts a crafty three month long tournament of the geek persuasion. (If I have peaked your interest, go visit the website here. Sign ups for teams are open until September 27th.)

The tournament involves challenges, which when completed grants your team a certain number of points. One of the challenges is a large project, called a dissertation, which would take you around three months to complete. I have long wanted a Horde tabard from World of Warcraft, and I think I may have found a reason to make one.

Image courtesy of

The tabard I am thinking of making looks closest to this one shown. There is no one tabard representing the horde, but this one does show the colours and icon.

My plan is to make it one piece, tied at the sides and with red trim (possibly cabled so I don’t go insane) with the red icon on black. I will be using likely a worsted weight with large needles to speed up the process.

The only things I’m really worried about is a) running out of yarn and not finding the same dye lot so I may over purchase what I need and therefore be stuck with 8 years worth of black worsted yarn and b) running out of time because I’ve taken on far too much. B is very likely.



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