The plan

It’s good to have a plan. One must always stick to a plan.

Anyway, my previous post was talking about my Nerd Wars dissertation piece, a Horde tabbard. My proposal was accepted and now, I’m prepared.

Sorry. Had to toss that little WoW joke in there. Moving on.


Summary of Project: Tabbard representative of the Horde, from the game World of Warcraft
Pattern: Of my own making. I plan to knit a black tabbard with red cables on edging, red colourworked horde symbol with side ties.

Finished tabbard will measure approximately 13” wide by 60” long, the center motif starts from bottom front edge at a measurement of 14”. Center motif measures approximately 5.5”. Front Neck edge measures 7” with a 10” shoulder side opening.

Horde symbol chart comes from

Yarn:  Red Heart comfort in Black and Red. I’ve decided to go acryllic since a huge amount is needed for this project and going with more natural fibers is cost prohibitive.

Category: Team spirit. Since WoW is a faction based MMORPG, nothing says lovin’ like team colours.
Time justification: I am new to colourwork and this is a large knit. As I will be working out the pattern as I go, I anticipate frogging and restarting.


So that’s the plan. I cast on today.


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