Wherein I discuss many things

Mostly little things, mind, but many.

Let’s start with some of my For the Horde progress. I have it started and made a mess of the yarn, but a good start is made. After 3 hours of work I have 6″ complete. At the current rate, I should only need 27 hours to finish. It’s not likely, considering it’s the easiest 6″ of the piece, but it makes me feel good. ;p

I have another eight inches to work up and then I start the chest motif, which I am really looking forward to.

I have finished another Christmas gift and about 40% done the next one, which is working up quickly. I have the last three projects chosen and hopefully can get them done within a month’s time.

In the mean time I have made some wristers for my daughter that came out nicely. If I were to do this pattern again (and it’s likely, they are quite pretty) I would not choose a variegated yarn. The cabling on the back of the hand gets lost with the multiple colours. I will definitely make more wristers, they are very quick to work up and there are many possibilities.


Back to Nerd Wars, each new challenges are posted and I entered into the haiku challenge. The challenge was to craft an item and write a haiku about it. My submission was, of course, to do with World of Warcraft:

“One thing that binds all adventurers together is there is always a home to go to or to save. It’s where we come from, it’s where we finish our days. In World of Warcraft, there is a magical stone which can be used to instantly teleport you to your home, the hearth stone.”



After a long day
Pwning noobs with my leet deeps
just want to go home

This pattern calls for two halves to be made then joined in the middle. As you can see, I quite obviously suck at joining because instead of an egg shape I got more of a figure eight. I would rather, I think, have worked it as one piece and closed off on top or bottom. But there it is.

One of the blogs I read is Crochet with Cris and she does some great videos that I find interesting. She recently posted a video on turkish flat stitch with beads, something I’ve never done before. She worked up a bracelet and I decided to give it a try. It is super easy, although I’m not sure why this technique is labelled as turkish. But I worked up a necklace for my daughter in about 5 minutes. My daughter wanted it a bit looser around the neck than a standard choker style, but it still worked.

Image from Mostly Nerdy Crochet. Clicking on the above image will bring you to the appropriate blog posting.

And finally another blog I read, Mostly Nerdy Crochet, posted something the other day that I found interesting. A Jawa! Fortunately she posted the pattern she drafted of it, so it is in my “one day” queue. Isn’t it cool?

Ok that’s all for today. Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Wherein I discuss many things

  1. Cris

    How fun! The necklace really turned out really well 🙂 And ya know, when I originally read the pattern, that is what it was referred to as so I didn’t take it off. 😛


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