Welcome, November!

Just like that it’s suddenly November. It seems this year has passed very quickly. Maybe that’s just me.

You may see in your interwebs travels that this is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. I’m sad to say I will not be writing a novel, but in the spirit I will attempt to blog daily. Aren’t you guys lucky?!

I may as well start with a crafty update. I’ve been busy working on Christmas gifts, still, and unfortunately that has slowed down significantly since I’m doing a lot of boring stitching at the moment. Hopefully I manage to find the motivation I require as the deadline is fast approaching.

I have also been working on items for Nerd Wars, which I can share since they aren’t gifts.

My Oat Blanket (link to the Ravelry page if you are a member) is a blanket I’m in the middle of making. It’s just over half way done, using a pattern of my own making and it is turning out to be quite pretty. It is a stash buster project using yarn I couldn’t use anywhere else.

The yarn used is Phentex Cotton Renata, and is quite crinkly so it makes it difficult to find projects that fit. This is working out to be quite lovely, in fact. The pattern is very simple, and despite it’s simplicity I’ve had to pull back rows multiple times. Apparently I have problems counting odd numbers which makes it difficult to maintain the pattern.


To make the blanket yourself, I’m including the pattern. Just a note, this is baby/child sized, but you can certainly adjust your numbers for a larger blanket.



Oat Blanket

Bubble stitch – y/o, insert chain in post from prior row, pull through. Repeat twice more, 7 loops on hook. Y/o, pull through all loops on hook.

Chain 120

Sc three rows (119 sts).

Dc 1 row (even row, wrong side)

*Dc 3, bubble stitch**. Rep to end, dc 3 (odd row A, right side)

Dc 1 row (even row)

Dc 5, bubble stitch, *dc 3, bubble stitch**. Rep * to ** end, dc 5 (odd row B)

Repeat even row, odd row A, even row, odd row B to desired length.

Dc 1 row

Sc 3 rows, end yarn.


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