As promised yesterday I worked on the turtle, whom I have named “Yertle”. It’s my favourite Dr. Seuss story, so I paid tribute.

Isn’t he cute? The pattern is very quick and very easy. Since I had no desire to have that foamy filler stuff hanging about in my living room, he’s stuffed with fabric for the main body and my orts for his legs and head.

His shell is worked in the round, in one continuous row. Without joining. While I was working on this yesterday there was something about this method that was bugging me, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Then I received the e-mail that the designer of yesterday’s penny pouch commented on my blog. Let me share what she said.

“Hello! I’m glad you liked the yen pouch pattern. It took me a moment to work out what you were talking about with the joining, but I’ve got it! When it says not to join the rounds, that is because it’s worked as a continuous spiral rather than making each round, joining, and chaining to start a new one which leaves a kind of ‘seam’ in the work. I hope this helps if you decide to make any of my other patterns, as I’m quite partial to spiral construction.”

So. Well… derp.

Oh look, here’s a crocheted square! It has hearts on it for the anatomy challenge of this month’s Nerd Wars.

One more comment made yesterday was a reminder to swatch and maybe I wouldn’t end up with too-small mittens. Can I just say, I don’t wanna! It’s mittens! They knit up faster than the swatch.


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