Let’s talk yarn

I’m sorry for yesterday’s post, I was a tad sleep deprived. Feeling better today, though.

I’ve been busy crocheting this morning, and remembering how much I love crochet and why – projects get completed very quickly. I’m afraid I can’t share it with you as it is a Christmas gift, but I am nearing it’s completion and planning my next piece.

Image from Alpaca4less.com

Which of course involves yarn, and fortunately I happen to have some. New yarn, that is. I ordered an alpaca blend that I am looking forward to, but I’m having some trouble deciding what to make with it.

This is a sport weight yarn, and I have 500 yards total. Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking a wrap or something, since there isn’t enough yarn there for a sweater. I’d like to stay away from wristers since that sort of thing would wear quickly. I’d appreciate any project links you think this would be good for.

Image from Mariana Knits, of Nooch Fiber.

On to other yarn, a recent discovery of mine is an etsy shop of hand dyed yarns and roving. Nooch Fiber has some lovely vibrant colours in both roving and yarns. Although their esty shop is wonderful, they are also having a giveaway on their blog! Two beautiful mini-skeins are being given away; definitely check them out.


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