Balancing act

One of the problems with committing (even with a small personal commitment) is you have to follow through. There are days, I’m finding, with this blog that I’m unable to come up with a topic to chat with you guys about. It’s not that I’m not crafting – quite the contrary. My Christmas gifts are coming along quite nicely. I’m just not working on anything I can share.

Off I went to the NaBloWriMo website, for some prompts. Because that’s what they do. (At least I thought it was the NaBloWriMo website, turns out now that I look for the site to link you I went to the wrong one. Anyway, I got a prompt.)

The prompt I got was asking how do you balance your life between work, play, family, etc. I’ve gone over that in a previous blog, since I am extremely lucky to live a very easy life. I’m a stay at home mom who does a very poor job on housework. This means I have plenty of time to play.

Look Ma! I found the console games!

That is not to say I don’t do any balancing. You may know I have a baby at home, who is now learning to walk by holding on to everything at the correct height. While his walking is slow going, he is getting better and realizing he can reach EVEN MORE now that he is suddenly taller. You would be amazed at how much time is wasted by chasing after him (ok other moms may not be amazed. But you young things with no kid experience would be!). Much of my day is now spent saying “no” and moving the boy to some neutral location until he waddles off to something else he shouldn’t be touching.

I think probably number one on this list is my yarn work. I sit in my chair and attempt to knit or crochet and the ball of yarn immediately becomes the object dearest to my son’s affection. I’ve learned to make it a game.

He starts on my right, since that is usually the side that has my yarn. I move the yarn to my left, and work the stitches I need until he gets over to my left side, then I move the yarn to my right. He moves back to the right while I work some stitches, then I move the yarn back to my left. It’s a fun game, and it gives him some exercise.

Of course it usually ends in frustration when he figures out by the 20th time or so and crying ensues, but I get a few stitches in anyway. It’s a balancing act.


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