State of projects address

I thought I would gather up my listing of projects to be completed and deadlines attached to said projects and see where I’m standing. I probably shouldn’t since the result is a tad scary.

Firstly, I have the obvious deadline of Christmas. One cannot give Christmas gifts in July. Well you can, but it looses that snowed-in-so-I’m-giving-you-something-fantastic feel. And it just goes to show the recipient just how fail you are for not reaching the deadline that is the same every year. Not that I’ve done that. I certainly do not have a box upstairs with last year’s gifts to my family waiting around for me to find the post office. >.>

Anywho. On to the gifts. I have one very close to completion, then three more to go. Because I live in Canada and therefore subject to the very slow delivery time (and outrageous cost!) of Canada Post, I really need to finish these by the end of the month to get them out in time. I am considering alternate methods since the cost difference may not be so different and I may be able to squeeze in a couple extra weeks. But that, I think, will be a last resort. The bonus to this is two of the projects are crocheted which should go quickly. The other is a quick lace pattern which I do have an alternate for if I don’t finish in time.

Nerd Wars still has a few open slots for me to fill. I have a scarf and shawl to finish, and my dissertation piece to reach at least 50% by the end of the month. I’m not too concerned with the scarf since I’m planning some quick crochet so that will be very easy. The shawl is causing me some concern since I’m not familiar with shawl construction, but if nothing else I can submit it for partial points so it will be my lowest priority.

My dissertation is the biggest issue. Since my son’s number one love is my yarn, I need to work on it while he’s napping which isn’t happening that much these days.  I am going to have to have my needles fly when I do get a chance to work on it.

So that is 6 projects by the end of the month; less than three weeks. The housework may suffer (HAHAHAHAHAHA!).

Let me just say, December will be easy peasy!


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