Just the facts, ma’am

So the last few days I’ve been so very excited about the textured shawl I’ve put just about any weird fleeting thoughts out of my head. When I get so focused it usually is a bad idea since I ignore big siren bells.

The textured shawl is of course, based on textures in the fabric. Simple stitches that need substance to shine.

Substance which my yarn is lacking. You see, I neglected to notice that the alpaca is a sport weight yarn. As I started casting on (I’ll get to that later), it was obvious the needles I was using was far too large. How did this possibly work out to such a thick beautiful piece with this dinky thread? I would end up with a lace shawl!

Back to Ravelry to read the notes and comments by other knitters and I discover I’m using a sport weight for a dk weight project.

Yes, this was my derp moment.

But at least in my travels I have learned how to start the shawl. Since I’m new to shawl construction I had no idea how to start. The mighty power of google yielded nothing. I got plenty of “cast on some stitches then increase” instructions. Well yes, I figured. Fortunately after looking for far too long it occurred to me that perhaps some information might be gleaned from Ravelry. Sure enough, not only were there helpful comments but a written out pattern. Huzzah.

So now I need to go find the right yarn and start this again. And the alpaca will sit until I get some smaller needles and maybe some knowledge of sock making. Or something.


2 thoughts on “Just the facts, ma’am

  1. Melanie Boxall

    Derp moment, ROFL.

    It took me several years to figure out North American yarn thicknesses, and I will tell you honestly, I’m still not quite happy with them. At first I tried to convert them using “conversion charts”, but it doesn’t quite work. The charts say Worsted is either equivalent to British DK or Aran, but it isn’t. British DK is thinner, Aran is thicker. There is no equivalent to Worsted. Worsted is Worsted. And they say Sport is eqivalent to Britsh 4 Ply. It isn’t. It’s actually halfway between 4 play and British DK. And there are variations to all this too.

    So. Forget all that. Drives you mad and gets you nowhere. What I do is buy yarn recommended for the needles, or vice versa. Whatever they call it.

    A simpler numeric system without all these silly names would be better. WTF is “Worsted” anyway? It’s the worsted yarn I’ve come across, that’s what it is.

    (Actually I’m not THAT ignorant. I know what Worsted yarn is when it relates to weaving. And it should have stayed there.)


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