Hey! A finish!

I actually have something of substance to show you today! How weird is that?

The Canadian Special Olympics has put out a call for scarves for the athletes competing this February. They have asked people to knit or crochet scarves in blue and white, with a bit of red if you can, for the athletes to wear for solidarity and to see how much we support them.

I had a chance to quickly work one up this weekend.

It’s just made of granny squares sewn together then a single crochet border.

If you would like to do this yourself (and any scarf is welcome) you can join the only Ravelry group I was able to find at this time, focusing on New Brunswick knitters. However there is information about other provinces available. Or you can check out the Special Olympics website and send your scarf directly.


In other news, I finally re-knit the mittens I was working on for Sean. This time I moved up a needle size and they fit quite well. The only problem I have with this pattern is the thumbs seem freakishly long. Or maybe my son has stubby thumbs. Or most likely, I missed something in the pattern.


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