My daughter has a pullover that I love. Love love love. It’s a beautiful grey, full of cables and winding bits, has a shawl collar with a hood and fits very nicely. I want it.

My options of getting it are:

a) shrinking down to my daughters size then stealing it from her closet while she sleeps
b) going shopping in hundreds of stores trying to find the one that carries that exact sweater (since I have no idea where it was purchased)
or c) make it myself.

Isn't it lovely! And she taunts me with it!

The obvious answer is c. Unless someone has come up with some sort of shrinking solution I am not aware of.

Because I love it so much and it’s a fantastic site, I went off to Ravelry to search patterns. (Seriously – if you knit or crochet at all and have not visited this website, you must. It’s an incredible resource.) I had no expectation of finding the exact pattern, but I was hoping for one I could adapt.

I’ve found a couple that are interesting, and close. I could probably work in a few extra cables here and there to make it pop even more. My problem is that these are all from the same design company. But that’s not the problem. The problem is I have never heard a good review of this companies patterns, ever.

Their photographs are beautiful, the style is exactly what I like, and most of their patterns are free (even better). But frequently I read comments complaining of the difficulty of the pattern (regardless of the pattern, both in knit and crochet); how the wording doesn’t make much sense. As I understand it this is a European company so it may simply be a case of poor translation. In any case it does not come very highly recommended.

In the end I’m not sure how I want to proceed. Obviously I want this sweater. One day I will make it. Preferably sooner than later. Do I want to try the pattern with my adjustments and see if I can figure it out? I would hate to get started and find I dislike it so much I end up loathing the project.


One thought on “Recommendations

  1. Christine Darrah

    I don’t knit, so I can’t give much of an opinion on the specific patterns, but I know what I’m like with stitching; if I dislike the pattern or find it difficult, I WON’T finish it. *shrug* But that’s me; you’re more of a finisher (at least, eventually) so you may struggle through it and hate every minute of it, but when you’ve got the sweater you like (and can taunt your daughter with when she grows out of hers) you’ll be happy in the end.

    Also, can I say that if you EVER find out anything about that shrinking solution! lmao. ;-D


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