Convenience cleaning

It is no secret I am not Martha Stewart. In fact, I’m likely the type of house keeper Martha puts up anti-entrance wards in her home for. I take no joy in housework and seek to avoid it when ever possible. Which creates a bit of an issue since I enjoy a clean house. So when I *must* do housework, I do it as conveniently as possible.

Many of you are familiar with the Swiffer Wet Jet. Finally after all the advances science has made someone came up with an excellent solution to getting our hands wet while mopping. I love the concept of this product. Unfortunately, that is where our torrid love affair ends.

I still find that using the Swiffer products I am frequently on my hands and knees with a scour pad scraping up something unrecognizable off the floor. I’m sure that if I mopped every day this would not be a problem. But I refer you to my first paragraph for that.  I did find that when using a regular mop and cleaning solution that I had this problem less often; and so I concluded it had to be either the cleaning solution or the mop pads.

Approximately $14 for a box of 12. One pad lasts around 1-2 rooms if you want it done right, so this disappears very quickly!

Which brings me to my other problem with the Swiffer. It’s so bloody expensive! A refill bottle of their solution goes for around $6 here for 1.25L. The mop pads are around $14 per box of 12. Considering I was changing mop pads after every room and that a bottle of solution only lasts me around three good cleanings, this was too much.

Firstly, the obvious solution to the mop pads was to make my own. I have plenty of cotton in my stash and made up a couple to see how they would work.

It’s super simple to make, just make it 1/2″ longer than the length of your mop head (since there are different types of Swiffers out there) and add a couple of straps to keep it secure. This has worked out brilliantly.

I don’t have to change it at all while mopping and it scrubs for me. I am no longer getting on my hands and knees – which let me tell you folks, is worth the price of admission right there. And when I’m finished, I simply pull it off and toss it in the wash.

Next came the cleaning solution. I give you exhibit A:

Wet Jet solution, approximately $6 per 1.25L

Mr. Clean, approximately $4 for 1.2L concentrated solution

Vinegar, Approximately $2 for 2L, undiluted.

See where I’m going here? The choice between cleaning solution is of course yours but my answer is obvious. And safe for my children and the environment.

But a Swiffer won’t work without it’s own bottles, you say. And so we are at an impasse. Nay nay!





The internet can solve just about anything, as it does in this case. Through the magic power of the internet I learned that to open a bottle of the Swiffer Wet Jet all you need to do is put the lid side in a pot of boiling water for about 20 seconds. Then simply twist the cap off. That’s it. Refill and off you go!

How’s that for convenient?


2 thoughts on “Convenience cleaning

  1. Christine Darrah

    Oh you brilliant woman!

    I got rid of my swiffer WetJet for the same reasons you mentioned above. I got one of the steam mops instead and bought some extra cleaning pads for it. But I find that you don’t get the nice Mr. Clean smell that I love so much. I’ve tried putting vinegar in my water and it helps some, but it’s not the same. I wish I could knit (and had seen this post before I tossed my wetjet all those years ago!)

  2. Jenn L in Chicago

    Christine, I LOVE YOU. Absolutely LOVE you. I’ve got the Clorox version and hate it for very similar reasons.


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