Stash diving

I’m nearing the end of my Christmas projects and am very excited by what I’m doing. The other day I went decided to list the projects I have to complete and make sure I have a tally of my supplies so I don’t sit there without a project in hand.

It turned out, that despite my two 30L tubs full of yarn, I didn’t have enough of the right size/colour to finish the last three projects on my list. In fact, in those two tubs, most of the yarn I have are partial balls – not really enough to do much of anything. But certainly too much to just throw away as orts.

My son enjoying the afghan.

When my daughter was a baby, we were given an afghan made by my grandmother. It was made from her scraps into a granny square afghan and I absolutely love it. It unfortunately is getting worn with threads getting loose and so forth, so it is time for me to start thinking about replacing it.

I have decided to use the two tubs of yarn for exactly that. This will be my computer project. You know when you wait for page loads, watching videos, etc? I frequently have a hook and yarn beside me at the computer so this will be a nice thing to work on. I don’t imagine this will be done quickly, but I’ll plug away at it.

So not having the yarn I needed (and a hook size and needles, it turns out), I went shopping.

I recently got a gift card for my birthday for a large craft chain store. What good timing, I thought, and off I went. I’m pretty sure that will be my last time shopping in that store. With the holidays rapidly approaching the store was obviously stocked with everything Christmas. And apparently, that meant scenting everything in the store with nutmeg and cinnamon. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that scent, but I don’t want to drown in it. I’m not normally sensitive to smell this was strong enough to give me a headache – I can’t even imagine someone with a sensitivity issue must feel when walking in the store.

My little stash haul

But fine, I was there for yarn and needles so off I went. They had the standard selection of worsted weights and that was fine. However, they didn’t have the needles for that size. Which I find really odd – if you are going to stock (essentially) only one size of yarn, why would you not have the right size needles? I ended up just picking up some yarn and leaving it at that. I then went across the street to another big box store where I bought more yarn and the hook and needles I needed for far cheaper.

I decided to try some bamboo needles this time around since I’ve been having issue with yarn slipping off my aluminum needles. Let me tell you – *fabulous*!!!! I see myself having to save my pennies and replace my aluminum ones with bamboo. It knits beautifully without any slippage and it is so nice and light. Definitely a delight to work with. And it turns out, only a few cents more than the aluminum.

I’m so looking forward to January when I can share all these finishes with you. I’m positive I will have one tomorrow which I will be able to share in the mean time.


One thought on “Stash diving

  1. Melanie Boxall

    Isn’t that interesting. I’ve never tried bamboo needles, and now I have no urge to, because WHAT? No slippage? But I LIKE the ease of slide on aluminum needles. That’s what I hate about wooden/plastic needles, nothing moves easily! Good thing there are choices for us.

    Reminds me of my Maltese friend who knits on long needles with one clenched under her arm. I don’t know how she does it. But she could never get the hang of my “both moving” needles. And then againb, my mother always said I did it all wrong, because I wind the yarn round the needle with a free hand, whereas she always held on tight to the needles and lopped the yarn round just by moving her finger. I could never do that, made everything too tight.

    The pattern here of course is that clearly I need MOVEMENT!


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