You’re not doing it right!

A comment the other day inspired today’s post. The comment referred to the slippage on needles, then went on to comment about knitting styles.

There are so many different ways to knit out there it can be confusing to a new knitter. I honestly don’t remember how I was taught to knit. I currently knit using the English method – my source yarn is in my right hand and I wrap the yarn around my needle as I go. Another popular method is continental, where the source yarn is in one’s left hand and is simply pulled through the loop one is knitting through. I’ve seen knitters use other methods as well – as an example Stephanie Pearl-McPhee uses Irish Cottage style (and is a speed demon doing it).

I’ve even been told that my method of crochet is different. If there were English/Continental methods for crochet I would use the English method for that as well. My yarn feeds from my right hand and I wrap my yarn much the way I do for knitting.

I also am a very loose knitter. My stitches are extremely loose and I often have issue (especially with using double points) of my needle slipping right out of my stitches, hence my new love for bamboo. That may change with time but for now I adapt my tools to my work.

It all comes down to what feels comfortable, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t feel right then all we get are errors and frustration.


One thought on “You’re not doing it right!

  1. Rachel

    Totally agree with you. If your not comfortable, your not happy. If your not happy, the project isnt fun. When the project isnt fun – its never finished! Evil circle.

    Ive tried knitting but thanks to my years of crossstitching my stitches were way too tight. Im learning with crochet to loosen up. I hope to be able to learn how to knit (socks keep calling me!)


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