Gauging gauge

I have started my last Christmas gift today, and it is already looking fantastic. With every project I work on I think, I need to make this for myself! Each project teaches me something new or I figure out a better way of doing things than I have done before which keeps me excited about the project; which is a very good thing when I have a deadline.

One thing I have learned through all this is I fail at gauge. Oh I can make a lovely gauge swatch. I’ve learned to edge my swatch and make it larger than the gauge numbers so that it lays flat for an accurate reading. I’ve learned to change my hook/needle size accordingly and in some cases, grab a new yarn altogether.

But for some reason, I have a very hard time matching my finished project with the final measurements. I’ll be able to go into more detail once I can share my holiday projects with you (it’s so close, already!), but I’ve had a big issue with making gauge then having my final product larger than the pattern suggests. One of my latest projects had a suggested gauge even though it was one of those things that really only has two sizes – child and adult. I decided to just do the swatch and do it “right”. I had to increase my needle size to match gauge but my final project had to drop two whole pattern repeats to make sure it wasn’t giant size.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, honestly. I understand the importance of gauge, I do. But what is the point if my finished product isn’t going to work out?


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