Checking up on goals

I thought I would go back this morning and check out my stated crafty goals for 2011, since my memory is horribad and I had no idea what was on the list. So with one month left to go, let’s see where I stand, shall we?


– I had hoped to finish The Guardian. In all of 2011 I think I did a maximum total of 10 stitches in it, honestly. This was just not a stitchy year. I console myself with the fact that I’ve signed up for WIPocalypse and will be making stitching a focus for next year. Of course this means I have got to get into my stash and determine my projects for this, but I’ll get there.


– I didn’t do a single CAL square. I just didn’t have the urgency with it like I did for the mystery afghan.

– I am on my last Christmas gift so that goal is met, even if I didn’t do one a month like I had originally hoped. They are pretty neatly divided between knit and crochet and I am so proud of myself with these.

– Still no slippers. They are started, at least. And a hat with ear flaps did happen just not for Lauryn. And I’ve done a couple amigurumi but nothing fantastic. I’m going to have to invest in some smaller hooks I think for the really good stuff.


This is definitely the category that showed the most growth. I’ve learned so much in the last year about both knitting and crochet. I am planning on continuing with this next year and I hope Measi won’t mind if I add a few yarn crafts into WIPocalypse. ;p

– Wrapped in Ragg is of course done, that was my major goal for the year.

– I have not yet knit socks. I have not yet gone into my stash to even see if I have the stuff on hand to start a pair. But I have a month. It may yet happen.

So I haven’t hit every goal but I’m close. Which is pretty good for me!


One thought on “Checking up on goals

  1. Outi

    Guardian looks great, makes me want to stitch some TW…

    And I have been so bad that I think I didn’t even have any goals for this year. Have barely stitched this year so no loss… :/
    But I do, too, hope that WIPocalypse is good for my stitching, it wouldn’t hurt to get that huge WIP pile of mine a bit smaller… 😀


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