Little Green Man

Well I teased you with it the other day, and now I have it finished.

I’ve had to make a few modifications on the pattern. It fits a bit large on Sean’s head, and he’s got a pretty big head. I had to drop a few increase rows to make it close to the right size; I could have dropped a couple more and it would be a bit more snug. Fortunately since it has ear flaps and ties, it works, and it will fit him for another year or so at least.


I figured my size issue was due to the yarn. I used a random green worsted I have in my stash without checking the instructions on the pattern as to what it suggests. Based on the size of the hook required, I figured I was close. By the time I was finished, I was convinced I had used the wrong yarn.


I have researched the yarn used in the original pattern, and guess what? It’s worsted weight! Which only leaves me asking, what the fudge? But that’s a blog for another day, one I’ve probably already written.

Anyway. Sizing adjustments aside, I also crocheted the eyes rather than gluing googly eyes since this is going to be worn for the winter. I’m not a fan of buttons or easily removable bits for babies. Even the antenna is stuffed with yarn rather than fiberfill.

I highly recommend this pattern. If you do watch your sizing, use a smaller worsted weight (sigh). This pattern is easily adapted and my creative juices are running with this project. Hopefully I come up with some workable ideas.


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